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Business Consulting

We are a promising Business Consultancy serving clients who are preparing themselves to take the next step in their Business. Our clients are in the process of transforming their operating processes, adapting their talent pool and seeking openings in foreign markets. With tight budgets, low revenues, and strained economies, hiring a consulting firm doesn't have to be a tough decision. We work within your limitations to leverage your inherent strengths and unleash your potential.

Crossroad Elf is a leading Consultation service Company in Bangalore, India that offers tailor-made solutions to Consultation service problems making it unique to every customer.

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Areas of Expertise

Operations Consulting Services

The demands of our time call for not just efficiency and optimization, but flexibility. Market disruptions aren’t going away as everything indicates they’re only going to increase. We will help you optimize your processes, reduce costs, and leave your organization more prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

1) Organizational Operations

2) Supply Chain

3) Sourcing & Procurement

4) Business Process Management

5) Research & Development

6) Customer Success & Customer Support

Strategy Consulting

We are here to turn your vision into a reality. We will bring a fresh perspective to your organization, help you identify and assess strengths and weaknesses, and leave you with a foundation for long term growth and sustainability.

1) Corporate Strategy

2) Business Model Transformation

3)  Pricing Policy

4) Organizational Strategy

5) Strategy & Operations

6)  Digital Strategy

Marketing Consulting

Determining the right amount of investment in marketing can be tricky. We will work with you to design your brand’s marketing mix and identify the appropriate strategy to get the message out to the target market. You need on-demand marketing consultants that can support you on the fly, engage with the target audience, and keep your brand name out in the public.

1) Public Relations

2) Online Marketing (Organic and Inorganic Marketing)

2)  Programmatic Advertising

3) Social Media Marketing

4) Image & Brand Management

5) Consumer Behaviour & Customer Psychology