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Data Analytics Support and Maintenance

Modern day Enterprises, needless to say, are application driven and need seamless availability of applications for the smooth functioning of business processes. Among these the BI systems play an important role considering the importance they have for the kind of data they provide to the executive management at frequent time intervals. These applications have to be reformed to suit business strategies. Application Maintenance is a significant element in achieving productivity and streamlining the business function.

Many Data Analytics Applications use a combination of multiple data feeds from various sources. At Crossroad Elf is one of the top Data Analytics and Maintenance companies. Our Data analytics Services Teams who are experts in Data Analysis are experienced in maintaining multiple Data Sources, Feeds and help customers in continuously improving the Data Feeds and Data Quality.

At Crossroad Elf, we have the right team on Power BI Consultants in Bangalore and we have the right kind of competencies and knowledge to ensure that the client’s BI applications are running efficiently and providing the business users a flawless platform with fresh and seamless data availability.

The Challenges That Most Businesses Face

With enterprises utilizing 100s of applications, they are dependent on the applications for an effective business operation; however, it is very cumbersome to ensure consistency in operation and secure total control of these applications. The applications also need consistent updating, maintenance and streamlined application management services for the business performance. Thus, IT application maintenance is very critical for enterprises.

What Crossroad Elf provides

Regardless of whether the maintenance activity involves ETL or OLAP activity, we handle every data analytics, maintenance and support project with utmost care and provide the best possible service to our customers.

Crossroad Elf provides a wide range of support and maintenance services – from package implementation support to upgrades and migration through support and maintenance, integration and enhancements.

Our teams of experts provide technical services like problem management, bug fixing, debugging and troubleshooting.

We strive to offer exceptional user services such as User helpdesk, query resolution and functional training.

Various BI application enhancement services like change requests, integrating additional features, data extraction performance tuning, OLAP report enhancement and query tuning, etc.

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The key take away

  1. Minimized Maintenance Cost
  2. Enhanced Performance
  3. Continuous learning and improvement process and application of the various latest application management strategies that improve application performance
  4. Rapid and proven application enhancements





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