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Data Engineering Training

Data engineers need just as much education for their position as any other type of data scientist. Instead of high-level information theory and advanced analytics skills, data engineers focus more on learning:

• Data modeling techniques

• Relational and non-relational database theory and practice

• Database clustering tools and techniques

• ETL design

• Architectural projections

Although they will commonly go through regular data science master’s programs, data engineers will take electives that focus more on programming skills and data storage and manipulation tools.

When entering the workforce, they will often find it beneficial to seek out certifications that are specific to the tools they plan to work with, such as Microsoft’s family of SQL Server-related certifications, or MongoDB’s Certified Professional certification, to name a few.

Crossroad Elf provides you with highly qualified and in-business trainers, who can give real-time examples, knowledge and practices, and much more! Contact us and find out more about how this will help and benefit you.

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