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How Affordable are Data Engineering and BI Solutions for SMEs?

Data analytics is increasingly becoming quintessential for doing business the right way. In today’s highly competitive world you need to analyze data in substantial amounts to establish correlations, find hidden patterns and gain valuable insights. This is crucial for making smart and timely decisions as well as devising future plans for your organization. Power BI solutions play an essential role in giving you these insights which are key to your development as a mid-sized company.

Everyone knows the significance of Power BI reporting, but most organizations, especially SMEs, are still thinking about it due to budget constraints, which is understandable. But here is the good news - gone are the days when Business Intelligence services and cloud data engineering were limited to the choicest few. With promptly progressing technology and competitiveness, many startups and mid-sized companies are providing Power BI service at affordable prices.

The real question, however, remains the same - How affordable are these Data Engineering and Power BI services? Specifically in context with an SME’s budget?

The answer to this question is as easy as it is difficult and varies from organization to organization due to the differences in each one’s goals and future plans.


If you are thinking about Data Engineering and BI solutions as an investment then I assure you you will get higher ROI. In terms of progress, customer satisfaction, optimized processes and so on, you will certainly get increased ROI. However, the key here is to go for Power BI consultants who are proficient in what they do and reliable in what they’re providing.

Before partnering with data science companies, you should consider the following aspects:


Time matters! Experience comes with time, the longer a company has served in a particular domain - the better their experience would be. They would know how to solve the challenges that may occur while working on actual projects. In some cases, they might even incorporate industry best-practices. Go for someone experienced.


The best way to ensure you’re partnering with a reliable firm is to go through the testimonials provided by other clients. Happy and satisfied clientele gives you the surety that their services are good and you’re doing the right thing by partnering with them. Good testimonials can even beat experience!

Professional Strength

The quantity of the workforce doesn’t matter, but the quality does. A highly skilled and smart workforce is sure to speak volumes about the quality of the service or the product that you would get from your partner. Most of the data engineering companies in Bangalore have a decent workforce and can provide you with all that you need.


The quality of the service is crucial. The best way to know about your prospective partner’s service is to ask their previous clients.

Maintenance & support

You should think about the maintenance and support of the partner as well. Maintenance and support are very important. Make sure your contract covers a good amount of support and maintenance man-hours.

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