Crossroad Elf | Key Focus Areas

Key Focus Areas

A Decision Support System is only as good as the data in hand.

Most companies store data in different formats and sources. As a Data Engineering company we will mainstream our focus into transforming the data into formats that are useful to integrate, analyze and make better decisions.

With the intention of building better products and solutions, our Data Scientists believe in understanding the data, modeling the data for analysis, picking up trends and patterns.

  • Traditional Data Warehousing

    • Open source technologies (Talend, Tableau, Pentaho, BIRT,R Programming. Etc.)
    • Proprietary tools and technologies (OBIA, Microsoft Power BI. Informatica, SAP BO. obiee, Python. Etc
  • Cloud Data Engineering

  • Azure Data Engineering
  • Big Data & Cluster Computing

  • Spark and Pyspark
  • Azure Data Bricks

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