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Staff Augmentation

With the way the current market scenario is evolving, it is very important for Businesses to think of the most optimal model for hiring resources. The need to identify the drawbacks of permanent mode of operation is quintessential for the success of Businesses.

Crossroad Elf, a leading Staff Augmentation company can work with Businesses with providing

  1. Rapid access to missing capabilities and skills
  2. Accommodating staff shortages due to unexpected events
  3. Avoidance of hiring / de-hiring costs
  4. Costs scalable as per the demand
  5. Minimal or No impact on operating model
  6. Staff who can be easily contracted

Staff Augmentation

  1. On demand/dedicated resources
  2. Wide spectrum of technology skills
  3. Short-term or long-term engagements

Shared Services

  1. Time and material or fixed cost models
  2. Flexible ramp up/ramp down
  3. Project based

Hybrid Model

  1. Customized delivery model (onsite/offshore/nearshore/hybrid)
  2. Tailored for client’s business need – project/ task based/T&M

On-demand IT Staff Augmentation

Our emerging technology and engineering experience helps you to build vital capabilities to deliver digital outcomes. Our experience resources catalyze your growth with cutting-edge development expertise that accelerate innovation, revenue, and sustainability.

Staff Augmentation

Manpower Consulting

Crossroad Elf, a leading manpower consultancy in Bangalore ensures that an array of job opportunities is filled with skilled professionals in different sectors. Regardless of whether you are looking for candidates in IT Sectors or Non-IT Sectors, Crossroad Elf is adept at matching your needs with that of the candidates.

Our search and selection practices to fulfill the hiring needs of your company aims at providing you with highly motivated and qualified candidates, so that they can suit to your business requirements in a cost-effective and timely manner. To ensure the same, we always use strict service standards, regardless of hoe meticulous the process is! Our manpower consultancy is the best in identifying the most appropriate candidates for the different target business verticals and the reason behind the same is our dedicated team. We work together in a pro and cohesive manner with our clients to offer great vitality and competitive advantage to make the difference in their business. Our manpower recruitment consultants in India welcome all sorts of projects and work professionally with your team to bring your project to life.

Manpower Consulting

Service Highlights :

1Analyze the Client requirements

2Familiarize with reporting relationships

3Strategize on necessary actions to be taken

4Identify like-skilled candidates

5Engage in understanding the candidate’s interest

6Candidates screened through interviews/tests

7Report candidates profiles,their strengths & weaknesses

8Personal meetings between the client and candidate

9Negotiate the final offer and review with client



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