Crossroad Elf | Why Azure Cloud Platform is The Best Option for SMEs?

Why Azure Cloud Platform is The Best Option for SMEs?

Unveiled in 2014, tech Giant Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform is now worth $38 billion in revenue as per the latest fiscal report.

Did you know that 2/3rd of companies listed in Fortune 500 entrust Microsoft Azure?

A decade ago, small to medium-sized businesses faced tremendous fear regarding migrating their organizational infrastructure to cloud for seamless operations. This was mainly due to the concerns about possible downtime, network security and availability.

Then came the arena of commercial cloud computing, Microsoft Cloud, which helped in overcoming the above-mentioned shortcomings. Today, Azure is the most trusted platform for organizations that are preparing to entirely or partially move to the cloud. Read on to know why Azure cloud platform services are your best bet as an SME.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a secure cloud platform to build, deploy and manage enterprise-grade services/applications, from anywhere. This platform is composed of three key cloud-centric products as follows-

  • Window Azure
  • SQL Azure
  • Azure App Fabric Controller

With Azure, you have the freedom to add cloud capabilities via its PaaS model. Azure offers a broad spectrum of product and service options, via their widespread global network of secured data centers. Azure services are thoughtfully devised to meet the demands and challenges of organizations.


Here are the key reasons why you, as an SME should go for Azure -

High-End Security

Microsoft Azure is infused with the up-to-date security features, ensuring your strategic business data is secure. Over the years, Microsoft has taken big steps to establish a high-level of security within the cloud environment.

The Azure platform is safeguarded with ingenious tools such as the multi-factor authorization, threat intelligence and advanced threat analytics. These technologies empower businesses to determine threats in real-time and automatically respond to any kind of suspicious user, thus guaranteeing the highest level of security.


Privacy differentiates Microsoft Azure cloud computing from its competitors. With Azure cloud, as an organization, you have complete command over the data. Microsoft provides you with even the minutest details regarding how it is going to handle your data. These details include the data’s geographical location, who can access it, etc.

Microsoft Azure doesn’t disclose your confidential business data to the government or any state authority.

High Availability & Greater Scalability

With Microsoft Azure data centers in every nook and corner of the world, this platform guarantees 99.95 percent uptime and this suggests the high availability of Azure cloud. Microsoft’s Azure can be scaled to match the volatile requirements of businesses in today’s neck-throat competitive world. Azure lets you utilize the ultimate potential of computing with a few clicks.


The best part about Microsoft’s Azure is its pay-as-you-use flexibility. This has attracted startups and small businesses with a limited budget to migrate their organization setup to cloud. You can purchase what you need and stay within the budget boundary.

Azure provides you with perks of SaaS applications to cut down on your infrastructural cost, maintenance and management of their IT environment.

After knowing the reasons, are you ready to migrate to Azure Cloud?

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